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Thanks—glad to know how much you enjoyed your visit.” “I enjoyed every minute of it to the point of explosion, as you are thoroughly well aware. If I live to ninety-two,



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I shall remember the excellent yarns that your father spun over those incredibly good cigars and that simply immortal corn

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the Garter, instead of——” L

pudding, and the shoulders on the little red-headed creature in the black dress at the Country Club—good Lord, William, the should



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ers on that creature! After four years of not especially pretty smells and not especially pretty noises, what do you think that

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those July evenings under the awnings on your veranda meant to a God-f

orsaken flying chap back from the wars, William?” William looked frankly unappeased. “A hell of a lot of difference it makes what I think! I know one God-forsaken flying chap who271 thought it wasn?/p> tter b


Etiam a Dui et Eros Imperdiet Rhoncus

痶 good enough for him, by a long shot. Not while he could hop off and rot his soul out in a water-logged bamboo shack in Asia!” The owner of the bamboo shack settled deeper into his chair with a graceless and engaging grin.

“My dear

Aenean Quis Nulla ac Nisl Rutrum Ornare

chap, it was Heaven, pure and simple—but a dash too pure and simple for some of us. Every man his own Heaven, what? Well, you’re sitti

ng in mine a

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